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An Interview with Brooke Arita! 🏳️‍🌈

Tell readers a little about you! How old are you and where are you from? What's something fun about your hometown?  

Hi hi! I’m Brooke Arita-Zamora, 25 years old, born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Vegas. To me, the beach is all the fun about my hometown. Especially Venice.  


How did you find your way into the world of poetry?  

The moment I was able to read (which was at a very young age I can’t quite remember) I couldn’t stop. I would read and read and read which eventually turned to write and write and write. I was introduced into the world of poetry through Northeast Academy College Preparatory in Highland Park, California. It was a private K-12 school that was run by Dr. Martina Ayala and her husband Alex. Dr. Ayala stepped out of the school district and created her own school out of a humble house so that she could implement the truth in educating history and the arts that she was told she could not do in the school district. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend kindergarten before the school closed down, but I remember being taught poetry, all ranges of music, how to read, write, and speak Spanish, and the list goes on. I’ve carried this appreciation and passion for writing throughout my life to this point where I found a home in the Vegas arts community.  


According to your bio, you're currently a student at Nevada State College working on a bachelor's in English literature and a minor in Creative Writing. What are your career goals in the creative arts? 

I graduated from Nevada State College with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing in 2022! My career goals are to publish a series of chapbooks, zines, and eventually get my fiction novels out there!  


Something about the arts makes it the perfect space for queer-identifying people to find community, a safe space, and have healthy relationships with peers. Why do you think that is? 

I think it's the freedom of self-expression that comes with the arts. It’s constantly a statement of, “This is who I am, was, or want to be.” The arts provide insight into the artist and their perspective of their world. I believe artists are honest with themselves, which allows them to be their most authentic selves in all aspects. 


What is it about spoken word specifically that appeals to you as a proud queer young woman?  

I have always been enamored with how a poet can hold an audience’s attention, how they can influence emotion, and how they can inspire. That’s what I would feel whenever I watch and/or listen to spoken word. I like being able to connect people through our human connection of emotion. 


Do you have any published work available? If not, do you have anything planned in the near future?  

I sure do! A poem I wrote for my great aunt that passed away in 2022, “Para Tia Elva”. It can be found in the Nevada Humanities Double Down Blog.  


How does your culture, as a Latina influence your art? 

My culture as a Latinx person influences my art through my perspectives and inspirations to write. I grew up with headstrong women on both sides of the family. Ranging from my mom, grandmothers, tias, primas, and friends of the family who were basically family, all have molded me and my art. Their intense love, life lessons, acceptance of the good and bad, and breaking traditional curses inspire me. 


Whenever I see you, you're always so colorful, vibrant and full of life. What advice would you give to queer youth struggling to come out and live as their true selves? 

You are loved! It will be difficult, as are many things in this life, but there is love for you. You will emulate love and light the more you are honest with yourself, do not take what others may think of you and equate it to your self-worth. The right community for you will reveal itself as you explore the world, even if it takes time. 


Do you have any upcoming events? Let us know!  

Yes! I will be performing my poetry at Snapsopenmic on June 9, 5-10pm. The location for the event is disclosed through direct message with @snapsopenmic. I will also be featuring for August’s Doomed Poetry hosted by Sugar and Shwa, owners of Avantpop Bookstore at Red Dwarf bar. The date is not posted yet so keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram page @avantpopbooks, or mine @enlightenmentforme. Thank you! 

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