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'At Worst/Lukewarm Lust' & 'Outer Love' by Sienna V. Feruzi

Happy National Poetry Month! Check out these two poems by Sienna V. Feruzi!

After all, after it all, love,

I just hope that you see

You’re deep treasures to me

And Although I can’t promise you infinite tomorrows

I can proclaim you’ve swept all of my sorrows and my permanent heart you have borrowed.

And to you, I owe my penultimate happiness and thanks, for you

At worst, are at the top of my noblemen's ranks

You played all of my favorite keys

You took me places I never knew I would be

You seem quite like a dream destiny

You took me to and through the

greatest sunrises of our youth

But we know the truth

 both do

And J. Aiko, her keys

 keep playin’ on and on…

You make me feel like I’m the best

better than any of the rest

but am I doin’ dat much better

or meant to reach for whatever?

Am I at the best

or settlin’ for less

at worst, are you just an ole boo

or at best, is you meant for me

am I meant for you?

And L. Hills’s cries, her vibes

call on and on…

At Worst/Lukewarm Lust. From my book "Left on Red".

Often, I speak to my body in shouts. Not whispers

It pouts

Not glitter

It’s my doubts

Insecurities, bitter

From the outsiders

But, now, it's been whispers

And screams

Of what's always seemed

To be 

A delightful truth

I’m bolder even now, without my youth

I’m beautiful

Because I’m me

I know from whence comes my glee

It's not from an outside source;

It was there almost all along, of course-

I know how to handle and laugh at this change

I don't mind if I experience a bit of weight loss or gain

"You've lost so much weight...

Your bosom isn't as great”

Great as in size, of course, not how grand

It is, by far, you're still the finest in all the land!

But wait

What's that? Is there anything below or above or in this noise?

Do I even have a choice?

Outer Love. From my anthology "Yonitry 2" and my original book "Blumaniterrian".

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