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Today in the Writer Spotlight is Kimberly Stanfield!

Kimberly, previously featured in the writer's spotlight and also featured in volume 2 of the Black Girl Poetry Scrapbook, is back with us to share a poem! You can view her past interview here. This is her poem "Forsaken."


By : Kimberly M Stanfield

Empty I was but filled with him

I had always been

Free spirited and honest a true canvas of self expression I candidly was!

Stilettos, pumps in the club and then to church I sported!

Bold lipstick, elegant classy yet sexy my dresses were!

I had a honest sex appeal!

Offended by my walk, my iced honey bun complexion legs nails and toes done up they rolled they eyes and turned up their noses when they seen me coming!

2 babies by my side one to my left the other on right

I led them always hand in hand!

Pure exhaustion in maintaining a home staying beautiful and single parenting had taken a toll on me but I hid it because I knew fate always had something more stored away for me!

Broken hearted

I was behind my Steve Madden shades very emotional but steadfast in not crying!

No one to trust only the savior and mom because they always understood my earnest pleas!

Considered conceited and cocky they yelled at me because I refused to break and flee!

I stood my ground alone no friends

many enemies and foes and betrayal from sisters too you see just me and God and mom and of course my honey and oats my kids I mean!

Gifts, talents, my testimony ignored!

My calling they wanted to shatter and my reputation and character they were determined to turn it all into a clatter!

For being honest and human, unafraid and solid I didn’t understand why so much calamity!

Then I read of his journey to the cross Christ that is and how it was written that all forsaken him

my heart smiled and my angels rejoiced because it was then the sun shined fourth and I realized forsaken was me too just as him!

Forsaken not easily broken we were forsaken but determined even still forsaken and hurt sometimes betrayed was the philosophy of us!

Forsaken to rise again

I now understood his purpose, his vision, his revelation for me although I was forsaken

He still choose me for his sake that I may press, pull, jump, climb and stretch thru it all you see

No pain no game they said but forsaken was his game plan not just for me but you to trust me

You’ll see and then too forsaken will then set you you free yes free indeed


If you would like to be featured in an interview, you can submit here for the writer spotlight!

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