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Leo Moon: A Passionate Poetry Album by Aaliyah Fafanto

Leo Moon is a poetry album that gives its audience a special invitation into the mind and heart of Aaliyah Fafanto. In “6 Days Before 7” Aaliyah pulls us in with a melodramatic start. It's clear that she has a message for those close to her, and this collection of spoken word pieces accompanied by music is how she lets them know exactly what's on her mind. I've heard Aaliyah perform her work on stage multiple times, and her poems range from romantic to familial heartbreak, to memories of those who've left an imprint on who she is today. We get that same vibe in this poetry album.

One poem that really stood out to me was “Aaliyah's Heartbreak” a poem about her relationship with her mom. It's one thing to get on a mic and be vulnerable about a romantic partner, but to be able to spill your pain about the hurt from a parent, that takes true courage. And I admire that she's not afraid to be honest while giving grace to the ones she loves. To add to that, I also felt like “Rants of a Mad N*gga” was a fitting follow up to that poem and “Weekday Blues.” The interlude was also a nice treat. Y'all know I love a good rambling. Sometimes we got shit to say and no time to get cute about it. It's the authenticity for me.

She closes out with "Affirmations" which reminds us all that despite whatever challenges and pain we face, "You a motherfuking star." All in all, Aaliyah's work is the product of a young woman who isn't afraid to tell you exactly how she feels. No metaphors needed. She gives it to us raw and straight.

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