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It's Lunchtime! An Interview with Rose Marie!

How old are you and where are you from? What's a fun fact about your hometown?

I am 32 years young and I’m from the great city of Houston, Texas. A fun fact about where I’m from is that we go on a lot of trail rides, and a lot of us own horses. I have a horse named Beauty. What inspires your spicy work, and how did you make your way into the indie author community?

Actually, my husband inspires my work! His personality is the embodiment of almost all of my characters. I made my way into becoming an indie author by first writing on Wattpad. After that, a published author friend who was writing under a different pen name encouraged me to publish officially. You write BW/WM romance specifically. What do you think sets this subgenre apart from other romance subgenres?

I actually write more than BWWM. I write urban, LBGTQ+ Fantasy/adventure, and Supernatural. However, the BWWM subgenre started out as a safe space for me. It was a space for me to see Black women being loved in a way I’d never seen them loved before, that is until I met my husband who’s Puerto Rican. Still, I stick with the genre mostly because it’s fun to write since a lot of tensions rise with the different backgrounds.

You've got a new book coming, part of the Lunchtime Chronicles owned by Siera London. Tell us about Coconut Cream Pie and Irish Coffee!

OH, they will be JUICY! Coconut Cream Pie deals with a stalker painter who’s obsessed with this woman he saw while out for a drive. He pulls all types of strings to get her in his grasp! It’s a yummy read with a twist! Irish Coffee is about a mafia arms dealer who’s looking for the woman who bailed on him after a steamy weekend, and when he finds her, she’s had his kid! It’s so good because my Irish guys are written with their accents and they are SUPER possessive so you’re in for some shenanigans.

The MC’s in your books are plus-sized Black women. I love seeing underrepresented rep in romance. Is this something that's important to you when reading stories?

It is! I feel like most times when I see plus-sized Black women they are in supernatural books, and while I LOVE those and have one myself, I think it’s important that they are shown finding regular love with regular men as well! Also, I think it’s important that we write them with confidence and not always ‘slim thick.’ It’s okay to write a BBW with a belly, and she’s not ashamed of it! If Coconut Cream Pie or Irish Coffee was turned into a movie, who would you cast for your characters?

Oooo! Great question! I was just talking to my husband and my readers about this on my YouTube Live! I think for Rowan and Violet, the main characters of Coconut Cream Pie would be Can Yaman and Nahuane Drumond! As for Irish Coffee? Hmmm… maybe Richard Madden and Amber Riley. While not all of them are actors, I think overall their looks are a great fit for my characters.

I love creating playlists for my work. Give us 3 songs that would get us in the vibe for Coconut Cream Pie and Irish Coffee?

Coconut Cream pie I would say

1. Pretty Wings- Maxwell

2. Lay Your Body Down- Pretty Willie

3. Adorn- Miguel

Irish Coffee

1. Quickie- Miguel 2. Sure Thing- Miguel 3. Jealous- Nick Jonas What's next on the horizon for Author Rosemarie?

I will be grinding happily and proudly with my husband by my side to get my Vellas completed and putting more books out that get the girls excited! I’m confident in myself and my readers to see me through to the biggest milestone of my career, which is one day making Amazon All-stars. After that, I know I’ll be big enough to hit USA Today Best Seller myself! Where can readers keep up with you on socials?

You guys can connect with me on my site which has direct links to my books as well as my Instagram @rosemarie_author and my other socials! I look forward to you lovely roses rocking with me! Thank you!

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