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Today in the Writer Spotlight: Kimberly Stanfield!

Tell us about yourself! How old are you and where are you from?

I am 34 years old a resident of Danville Virgina . I currently work as a mental health counselor and have done so for 13 years . I am the mother of three beautiful souls whom I adore . A two time liberty university graduate ( marriage and family counseling -2016) , ( bachelors of psychology / religion 2011) , and was just licensed as a minister of the gospel per Christian Leaders Institute where I am in the process of obtaining a bachelors in Divinity.

Tell us about your book! What inspired you to write it?

I have always had a passion and I am visual writer I use the experiences and visions that I have to complete my works . The purpose of this book is to endow others to understand that life can and is a breaking progress for us all , however to succeed we must trust and undergo that breaking.

I was inspired to write this book for personal reasons and thought it would benefit others to see how breaking is painful and embarrassing at times but that it is also the breaking that renders us into our life’s purpose and Gods will.

Give us a song that best describes your book!

The song that best expresses this book would be Deliver Me From Me - My Exodus by Donald Lawrence and Leandria Johnson.

Have you written any fiction? Do you plan to?

I will and am in the process of releasing my first fictional work this summer “ A Enchanted Journey “ which will be for children.

What's your favorite/least favorite book?

Addicted - by Zane and And You Call Yourself A Christian by EN Joy( no least favorites.)

What other hobbies do your enjoy? What's your career outside of writing?

I enjoy painting and beach trips with family ! I also of course enjoy writing and deep soulful conversations ! I own and am the CEO of my own lipstick company “ Kisses by Kim “ and twist and loc services “ Twisted by Kim “

Where can readers find you book?

My latest publication is “Pieces Of Her “ -Taylor Publishing which can be found on Amazon.

All three of my published works can be found via Amazon

Dear , Old Friend and Man -2021

The Healing and Transition guide -2022

Pieces Of Her -2023

Enjoy this poem by Kimbery, titled "Pages"

I rather write and not speak , I could sing but the emotions behind the melody would overtake me and then I would have to rely on the Holy Ghost to come in and save me . Save me yes he did and was always the one who kept me from catching a charge behind the mishandling of love one’s words , pushing forward and almost catching a case and charge behind those I thought stood in the field behind me. Then I turned the page and there came judgement for the same sins they committed but mines was the talk of the town ! Bitter statements , envy , eye rolls and neck pops , I laughed because it was ok when they did it but always a problem when I did it ! They were all birds and they soar together something I should’ve expected and then I turned the page ! Gained a few well not a few a lot of pounds still seemingly attractive for what reason who knows but turned heads in every room , drained and annoyed angry and revengeful still with my butter scotch skin , fupa bold as ever I carried it out with such boldness and let it hang out cause I had never received no complaints !!!! Tattooed down 11 I had all my piercings I carried no more ! Graciously I stood in heels despite storm , rain , hell and angry clouds ! Then it came to past I rationalized that no matter what it would always be me “the problem “! Two pieces they was mad , church hats , stockings legs out or in ,dress to my ankles, chins or knees they was mad ! But then I turned the page ! Which continued even your feet are pretty , no more open toe shoes and be sure to cover your lap ! Last of a dying breed they wouldn’t dare say they cringed because I fought for me , threw a rock and I sent back fire ! “Keep my grandmothers name out of it “I got tired of hearing as if the same woman ain’t pray for me , Christian me and lay hands upon me in my youth , a crying shame it was this wasn’t outsiders it was the bloodline the bloodline I had been instilled to stick with and behind till the death of me but still none of it made sense to me ! Then it was time to turn page and I then saw and tangled and wrestled with the thorn that had become familiar too my flesh it didn’t just tap me it purged me and though I had no cross to my back , no crown of thorns , nor nailed hands and feet I had been crucified. I was tired , sick , hurt , embarrassed and all that but only mom paused to stop and say “ I got you “ !!!! And finally I reached the last page and it concluded with beloved write , use the pen of life I birthed in you , and the rugged journal full of ripped paper , tear drops , and sorrow , to tell the story ! The pages are your freedom , your testimony , your strong tower ! The pages will spake when you no longer can , and guide those who stand in closets behind you fearful to endure the assignment bestowed upon you and only ! The pages matter ; good , bad, ugly , sweet , sensual or toxic . There is no story without the “ pages “ , no theme without “pages”, no storyline exists without “pages “ and this is yours to own not buy or sell ! But yours to wear , write , critique and tell ! Yes only , even solely just Yours . “ Pages”

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