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An Interview with Margaret Arrington! 🏳️‍🌈

Tell readers a little about you! How old are you and where are you from? What's something fun about your hometown?

I am a couple weeks away from turning 35. Very Vegas local, been here about 24 years now. Before as a child I lived in the very southern tip of Missouri, in a tiny town of about 500 folks if that! There was a small local library that was the size of a studio apartment there, so when we wanted the “good books” we had to drive to the next town over.

As a local Vegas poet, how did you get into the business of spoken word and writing?

I think I’ve been writing poetry and otherwise since I was in high school, maybe a little before, sorting out and being faced with all types of new feelings, challenges and realities. And I think it still is a vehicle for that to me. As far as actually leaning into consistent, on mic performances and writing, I really have given it my heart and effort in the last 2-3 years. But I popped in and out a couple of times before that too, however fear was holding me back.

You're very open about being polyamorus, which is something that's been a bit controversial when it comes to the subject of relationships. When did you realize you were poly?

I stepped fully into this life about a year ago. It’s not the first time I was ever… let’s say “sexually free” (read= slutty) but the first time I tried with ethics and heart in mind. It took me almost my whole lifetime to start to deconstruct and reframe my thoughts on the love ideals we are instilled with. I think, I have always been this way but a few things: 1.) I didn’t know I was, because I had no framework to know this was an option 2.) Without that framework, I definitely don’t think I would have had the maturity to even attempt. It’s a lot to unfold, and even now, I still have to educate myself as I grow in this life. Yet the freedom, the vulnerability it can foster, it brings people closer. It makes love stronger in my opinion. It’s not without its struggles, but I have so much less fear of being limited, and so much more hope for my current love(s) and any and all others that bless my path and heart. But let’s not forget, our friendships can also be our deep loves!

You're also queer, obviously. If I'm not mistaken, you identify as pansexual. When did you realize your love was genderless?

This has been another long journey of almost my whole life. I have struggled with my sexuality and coming to terms, as well as coming in and out of the closet many times throughout the years. I used to try so hard to fit into the straight world. I first came out in high school as I thought I was gay (I cross dressed at this time too and played with gender a bit). Then, in the rest of high school over the years and after, coming in and out of the closet as bisexual. I stepped into my bisexuality as an adult openly claiming it to the world a few years ago, then in the past 2 years from life and learning realized pansexual was a better term for me. But I still do claim bisexuality as well. Queer is the best way to describe me I would say. And I’m so glad to have the flexibility this identity provides me unlimited love and expression, and- folks to love.

Your most recent release, ‘Pick Your Passion: Space Rave 2000’ published by Avantpop Books was so fun to read! An erotic choose your own adventure story. How did you come about creating this story?

It was always a passion of mine to write sexually themed work. I love erotica but the erotica I read when I was young was in my option, far more interesting because it was from a mostly lesbian/ queer perspective and it really made a mark on my heart. It inspired me. So when Sugar and Shwa asked me to work on an erotica project, it was an easy yes! But the process of writing in second person format, trying to leave the “you” self insert as being undefined by gender so anyone can access the story in a pleasurable manner, and coming up with multiple intersecting storylines and options? So hard, very challenging, but addictive! I can’t wait to do more with Avantpop!

Do you have any other projects in the works?

I may have the outlines for a few more erotic works cooking, but I can’t let the secret fully out yet. You know me Chanel, I’m sometimes a bit of a tease heehee!

What else do you enjoy besides writing and performing poetry?

I love stream of consciousness thoughts, I’m very intrigued by script format but I would need to learn a lot still. Sometimes I feel like all my writing turns into a type of poetry if I intend to or not! I also like to write down funny little thoughts or ideas for bits. Sometimes I like to think I’m a comedian in my head! Anything where I can get smutty, create interest, or wax philosophical, I’m in! My hands are itching for the pen!

What advice would you give to other queer poets who struggle to speak their truth?

Find any queer community you can, surround yourself with those who truly want to uplift you and see you succeed. Even if you are more shy and introverted, sometimes even just being in a space with other queer community can highlight and heal certain things. If you are struggling to find local queer community, try to hone in on the arts community and you will find it’s many roots there. Seeing others live authentically can be very inspiring to those finding it hard to speak their inner voice out loud. I know it helped me greatly. I am only here and able to do what I do through community, and my gratitude for that is unending.

Where can readers find all of your published work?

I have several pieces and works I’ve done with Cosmic Q Publishing, and also with Avantpop Books! The lucky thing is that many of Comsic Q’s wonderful works can be bought at Avantpop too! If you are a fan of me in any way, supporting both of these businesses that have supported me is paramount!

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