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Today in the Writer Spotlight: T.C. Neville Senior!

How old are you and where are you from?

· 40 years old from Rhode Island, USA

Tell us more about your books!

· Book: A King's Fall:

Whether Pride today is still the major leading factor (the silent killer) in the destruction of mankind, as it were 2000 years ago. The inspiration for this book cover can be self-explained. ("Walking on Air, Head in the Clouds?" = Pride) The inspiration for the title and cover of this book was based on several factors. This book is based on the true events of the Author's personal life. His intention is not to put down Celebrities ("The Celebrated"), or other Religions, or beliefs, but to show the public that in his case, He too was living a sought of "Celebrity" status life, and his audience was Social Media. In the end, it destroyed his life. The Author does not blame social media. They were only a medium, to project: "Self." He wrote an essay about King Saul's life, for a Bachelor assignment at JBTSEM.COM and while reflecting upon it, He felt convicted in his heart to share this with the world. He had so many other chapters to choose from in the Book of Samuel, but this specific chapter about "Pride" convicted his heart. He too, was a: "Saul." And today, he still struggles with pride. (Independence, doing things his self). The Author prays that this book convicts your hearts today as it did his. He believes that the words in this book were divinely inspired to be shared. It is written how it is written. God's message never returns void, for it always accomplishes exactly what it is meant to accomplish. Amen

· Book: Death Unto Life:

This book is dedicated to the Author's grandparents, its about a dream premonition, revelation of his, he had about them months before they died, how they died and the exact order they died in (Wow!). This book is also dedicated to those who still question today, if there is indeed a God, and if there is indeed heaven. The author believes this book answers these questions.

You’re sharing an elevator with a big name publisher. Pitch your book using 20 words or less!

· Original, Bold, Courage, Humble, Transparent, Spiritual, Inspiring, Aspiring, Edifying to the Soul.

What does your ideal writing space look like?

· Desk, chair, slow RnB or Meditation music playing in the background. Desk would be organized and clean, clutter-free.

If your book was turned into a movie, who would play your main characters?

· Possibly myself. Who best to describe, truly capture the emotion, feeling, the perspective of the journey taken of its character but the person himself?

Besides being a writer, what else do you enjoy?

· Talents and Traits: Unique, Creativity, Imaginative, Drawing, Sculpturing, Painting, Stitching, and more. His favorite genre in music is Christian and R&B Soul & Love (80-90s era.); Favorite top Books and Movies are from the "Left Behind Series,” The Matrix," and "Avatar." (Overall, his top favorite genre in Books, Movies, TV shows combined incorporates: Who-done-it Thrillers and Suspense Crime Novels; Marvel/DC Comics, and Comedy.); Martial Arts, any type of sport.

Do you have any upcoming book promotions?

A Suspense, Thriller, Sci-fantasy, mixed with a little Horror

Where can readers buy your books? Post a link!

Post your social media usernames!

· TC Neville Senior

· Facebook Pages/KVINK Independent Publishers

· Facebook Groups/KVInk.IP. Book Club Plus (Founder)

· Facebook Groups/Urban Short Stories and Poetry (Moderator)


· K.V.Ink.Independent.Publishers@Gmail.Com


· KVInk-Independent-Publishers.Business.Site

Anything else you would like to share?


"To put on the coat of pride is like bathing in gasoline and standing next to an open flame." -TC Neville Sr. September 2019

"Art is Poetry & Music, and Music is Poetry & Art." -TC Neville Sr. 2016

· Founder of KnightVisions.Ink

· KVInk Independent Publishers

"A Visionary and Inspirationalist"

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