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Today in the Writer Spotlight: BGPS Winner Angela Winston!

Tell us about you! How old are you, and where are you from?

Hey! I am Angela Winston, I am 46 years young ! I am a Poet/ Spoken Word Artist I go by Wizdome. I am a Wife, Mother of 2 adult young men and I have two adorable twin baby Grandaughters, Harmony and Harper! Im a Mentor, from Indianapolis, Indiana.

What's a fun fact about your hometown? We call Indianapolis “Naptown” where you get all 4 seasons in a week! Lol, it’s also one the largest major cities in the US that’s not by a river bank!

When did you realize you wanted to be a poet? When did your journey begin? I have always loved the written word, so I started at an early age. I’ve been writing poetry since the 7th grade, and took it seriously when one of my poems was published in the newspaper. As an adult my journey began in 2011 after my friend committed suicide. when I published my first book and helped to Direct and Produce my ASA (Angels Service Announcement) YouTube video called PROJECT IMPACT to help raise Suicide awareness.

Do you have any previously published work? If so, what? If not, do you have any planned? Yes ma’am! I wrote a book of poetry called “A Journey Through Emotions” by ANGEL. I am currently working on the second book called The Journey Continues: Joy, Pain, & Rebirth. Also 'A Journey Through Emotions' on Amazon.

Do you have any other hobbies besides writing? Yes, I absolutely love to read, love the beauty of the land and flowers, so I garden. I also model, and am now getting into acting!

What do you do for a living? By day I am the Director of Facilities & Events as well as the Volunteer Coordinator at a community center.

What's your favorite book? Lately it’s been Joel Osteen’s “The Power of Favor” Do you have a least favorite? I don’t have a least favorite.

Tell us one of your favorite poets and/or poems. I actually have two favorite poets:

Maya Angelou/Poems: Still I Rise, Phenomenal Woman, & Touched By an Angel Langston Hughes/Poems: Tired, Harlem & Let America Be America Again

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing career? I want to make a difference leave a mental and verbal legacy. Open eyes; giving people an alternative way of looking at things. I believe that I set the stage to give the vision, and as I speak through my words or use my voice, it’s as the artist painting the vivid pictures for your mind to translate

Where can we keep up with you? Share your socials media pages! Sure, here ya go!

Snap Chat: @angells218

TicTock: @wizdome007

If there's anything you'd like to promote, fill us in! Check out my YouTube page for the Project IMPACT video! New domestic violence video is in the works and new poetry posts coming soon on my pages so check me out!

Check out Angela's Poem in volume 2 of the Black Girl Poetry Scrapbook! Order Here!

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