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Today in the Writer Spotlight: Averi Drummer!

Tell us about you! How old are you and where are you from? I'm in my late 20s and am from Virginia. What's a fun fact about your hometown? It has one of the most monumental battlefields from the Civil War. I used to run through the rolling fields of the battlefield park for high school cross country practice. When did you realize you wanted to be poet? When did your journey begin? It chose me, but doing a project on Maya Angelou in fourth grade and participating in a local poetry contest through my fifth grade English class, led by a teacher who shared some of her Christian poetry really sparked my interest and was what got me engaged in it. Do you have any previously published work? If so, what? If not, do you have any planned? I have "Blumaniterrian" and "Left on Red" under my pen name Sienna V. Feruzi on Amazon. They both have womanist poetry and prose. Do you have any other hobbies besides writing? What do you do for a living? I enjoy reading, shopping, biking and exploring. I am a financial representative and writer for a living now. I have a variety of experience working with children with and without special needs.

What's your favorite book? Do you have a least favorite? I don't think I have a least favorite, since, if I am irritated or bored with a book, I let it get and put it down after a few chapters. My favorite book lately is "Becoming" by Michelle Obama because of her thoughtfulness and great, inspirational anecdotes, but one of my all time favorites is "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer because it breaks down ways we can catch and shrug off negative thoughts from the enemy. Tell us one of your favorite poets and/or poems. Anything by Nayyirah Waheed is so short, poised and stunning! What do you hope to accomplish in your writing career? I hope to become a bestseller with my poetry or my up and coming dystopian novels.

Where can we keep up with you? Share your socials media pages! I am @sienna.writes.wrongs on Instagram. If there's anything you'd like to promote, fill us in! Please support my womanist poetry themed pillows, mugs and bags at Feruzi Co on Etsy! Visit the submission page to book your spotlight feature!

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