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Today In The Poetry Corner: Love, Protect & Respect

Protecting Black Women

Because society sets the tone

Violence against Black women isn’t

Seen as toxic or out of the ordinary

Because Black Respectability Politics

Reign as King

Because community isn’t always defined

Black women remain ever vulnerable

Because of misjudgments and toxic hate

Black Women

Have to dig deep

Past fear, past judgment

To find the courage to seek help

The Ancestors knew

They were vulnerable and unprotected

Scared to speak the unspeakable, aloud

They swallowed down abuse, rape, and other perverted

Body invasions, blows to the body, spit in faces, and

Unrecoverable harm to the Spirit

We Owe it to Our Selves, Our Families,

And Our Communities to be Pro-Active

In giving a damn when we Know the

Heights of Toxicity In Our Midst

For the Children, For the Future

We Must Do Better

Love, Protect, and Respect

Black Women


Urban Bush Sista

A DV Survivor Who Will

Always Fight for Justice and Liberty of the


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