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Today in The Poetry Corner: A Christmas To Remember & Dear, John By Kimberly M. Stanfield

A Christmas to Remember

It was finally Christmas my sister whispered in my ear leading me by hand behind her to

Wake up mama! The house smelled amazing as we inhaled aromas of coconut and sweet potato pie, ham and it’s glaze, turkey and gravy, potato salad, rolls

And so much more !!!! Mama

Opened the blinds her normal routine as

Us three gathered around our Christmas tree to share and cheer as we opened our gifts! Mom sat back watching us both with glee in her eyes !!!! We were very surprised as Santa who should’ve been called Mrs

clause made a way to purchase

All the impossibilities extended from our Christmas List and all it could hold. Mrs . Clause expressed

Through yawns she was tired after helping retrieve all the gift wrapping paper and

Boxes that she asked us to

Fold! She then lit the fire

Place and we cuddled in the recliner

Happier than ever as We watched the snow

Fall! Fighting sleep we

Patiently awaited a visit from Dad worried his Cadillac 95 couldn’t pull

The hill covered with snow, ice and

Sleet !!! We heard not longer after his engine burning we threw on gloves and our robes and the socks and then our snow boots just sister and I as mama watched from the door! Daddy was stuck !!! As we

Approached his car fumes of black

Smoke blew everywhere! Mama

…. Yelled my name and insisted that I stand back as his tires were screeching and squalling such a terrible and annoying cry. A few more pumps steadily on the gas and he was no longer stuck !!! He came into the warm house and sat with me and my sister on his lap! He handed us our gifts and expressed that it was time he get!

This made me so sad as I wanted us to forget the harsh reality that makes all kids sick. It was not enough time spent just the four of us all on this Christmas and snowy day. He kissed my head and my sister then ran she said his mustache tickles

Her but just like Mom's red lipstick kisses I found his forehead kisses soothing to my soul !!! I held his hand to

The door yet fighting back tears the tears mom And dad both hated to see me shed. He thanked mom for the coconut pie she made with care especially for him !! And I watched him glide to the bottom of the street feeling a blade of coldness sliver down my spine as I watched from up above the gliders of the house the ice cycles sparkling and shining. This truly was a Christmas I never forget and all though the love was their my world still felt alone as I knew we would all 4 never be together again on yet ThIs Christmas to remember unless we were over the phone! Home dad said he was going I was unsure why me, mom, and sister couldn’t go! Yes it hurt and it made me mad and then every Christmas I then remembered as the years tarried on it would never be the same! Who cared about the fame, I just wanted another Christmas to remember, another Christmas just us 4, like the Christmas songs the temptations sang on mamas cassette player on repeat !!! And now and then I reflect back on that Christmas to remember feeling those same emotions brutally cold keeping in mind although things have and will never be the same every Christmas together or apart I

Shall and will always remember


Dear, John

He said I was full of it playing a movie full

Of fabrication in my mind! Delusional

He would say while I called his denial!! 6 months he studied me and learned me

Distinguished I was creative, smart and intelligent! Allowed me to trust him with my deep darkest secrets with long and extended phone conversations till the early

Morning I would say! He push me

to own my mistakes but could never

Account for his! In fact he hated I was

Smart enough to see right thru him

. A kiss on my left Ankle he did seal while I

Replaced it with a kiss on the inside of his arms trying to dare not yell. I admired

Him all things about him

Never thinking for once that Jon wasn’t true

A false prophet he had been to me

And I’m sure others too. To hide his

Secret ate me up especially when heartfelt occasions to me occurred and he was not true! It made me cold-hearted and blue while he thought it was a game and he emphasized that I too was a piece of

Meat and he was through! I couldn’t even soulfully talk to him without Jon yes

Jon thinking I wanted to be glued! Jon happened and it was real he touched my soul in more ways than one I was certain we

Would grow not together with her role

I wasn’t interested to do, but to

Lose a friend who grew

And knew so much about me only to

Flew! Conviction guilty he said he felt! Directed me to believe and

Not be deceived! That Jon yes Dear Jon your no longer are a friend of

Mines that I count few! But just as the dew

Rises early in the morning from

The grass ever so fast I found it in my heart to no longer write Dear, Jon but Goodbye Jon I can no



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