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The Poetry Corner: Marital Bliss & Medical Fits

Black suit.

White dress.

Hundreds of guests.

Surrounded on a beautiful beach.

Everything seems to go wrong.

But today was right.

It was our day.

Shaking as if I was meeting him for the first time.

Smiling then end up crying of excitement.

Ready to walk down the aisle and meet my king.

Coming close to him and said our vows and said I do.

Waving goodbye as we start a life together as newlyweds.

Today wasn't perfect but it was my perfect day because I married my best friend.

Mask Up

( I got my rights, Lil lady )

Mask Up

( The constitution protects me and mine from your fascist plot )

Mask Up

( Ain't no virus, your fear gonna kill you )

Mask Up

( Your fear is the virus )

Mask Up

( I got this cough )

Mask Up

( I don't feel well )

Mask Up

( Doc say I got da Rona )

Shoulda Masked Up

( Ain't no virus, it's a communist plot to destroy Trump )

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