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Talking All That Jazz: A Poem by Martelle Laird


I set out cruising lonely avenues pausing only to observe..

Several crooked boardwalks with cracks long & never-ending...

Uneven patterns etched in the worn pavement of previous travels..

I had to adjust my bifocals cause they're foggy can't see a thing!

First proceeding slow with hesitation..

Then I gave birth to speed & my momentum found me..

Now I'm moving cause I got to keep pace!

You know stay in the groove!

Approaching shadows poised & looking aggressively mean..

I feel those heavy eyes stare & graze upon me in passing..

I just keep on strutting as my stride increases those feelings subside..

Their gaze became a fainting haze so I paid it no nevamind..

They're only humans just a passing phase..

My destiny awaits so no time for the silent noise..

Refraining from cloudy views thou I was amused..

Those eyes began to follow me in secret...

My one sudden pause began to reveal it all..

That everybody was noticing me being me with pizazz..

My slight ponder was the final response..

For my body language was uneasy & tolded my story quite well..

While my hips slightly slanted started to tell my past..

I shouted saying loud & proudly "be gone nah!"

"Ain't nothing around these parts of any interest so move in favor "

My declining vocals now fading treble..

I'm no soprano & my alto drips of rich bass..

So from this lady's lips soft firm tones begin to take lead..

Yeah , it's me & I'm still talking all that jazz.. 🎷

Gotta keep tempo while vibrations of the cello glide me easy..

As keys of piano please me by the serenading of ear & relieve thee..

I hear it , in full bloom my Alazeas purple & full of passion..

Rather intriguing thou, in waiting to seep unfortold secrets..

Although, my 3rd eye tells truth I breathe no lies..

A platinum heart that beats strong versus corruption of the soul..

I'm still holding fast to my solid

gold spirit..

Completely afflicted by unjustly woes by former & present foes..

Holding tight while their plots with motive hold no proper burial ..

Pay me my respect as I lay all grudges down..

May they rest in peace !

As I look towards the new dawn the sun rises it's a new beginning..

That voice now speaks greatness of which to look forward like head on collision..

A blind spot on wickedness gone for I hear no evil & see no evil..

I'm peaceful in groove stepping up the pace in grace new moves now implement my new walk..

There's no need to walk fast..

My spirit flows carefree along the breezes of the wind..

Forward on I groove down the path of glory so sweet & amaz-ing..

Who goes there in reply with wonders of why!

I'm still talking all that jazz 🎷

-Martelle Laird

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