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Sweet Pain by Cheyenne Dorsagno

Sweet Pain

What sweet pain

to pine for you endlessly

to recall our memories

to cherish having known you

to share new moments still yet

to hear what you would have said.

What relief

if I join you in hellfire

then we be damned together

as sly, crafty delinquents

harbored by satan's trash cans

while we plot how to burgle

delicious, coveted bugs.

What honor

if you await in heaven

then it is not yet perfect

I know you long for me

Once I stand outside death's door

I will knock – fresh, clean, friendly

with flowers, asking for you.

What delight

if humanity is bond

then know I am most mortal

Yet, this is enough greatness

I have accomplished plenty

by conquesting your friendship

I am still, peaceful water.

What courage

If I foresaw my heartbreak

then I would choose to know you

accepting the certain loss

again, again, and again

I am the most valiant knight

my bravery is epic.

What great love

to value myself better

because I know, partially

I am you. And furthermore

because I know, completely

you loved me.

Cheyenne Dorsagno is a pessimistic optimist and a laughing crier born and raised in underdog Utica, NY. She studied English and practiced journalism at SUNY Oneonta. She strives to capture a vulnerable yet compassionate look into humanity by citing odd details and articulating universal truths. She believes that art should be layered with achievable challenges, from hedonism to theoretical meanings of life. Her routine consists of family, all things culture, and tired-but-unending thought-journeys. 

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