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In The Spotlight Today: Rashaan Riggans!

What was it like writing your first sequel? Expanding on a world like the one in your books?

Lots of moving pieces. As a story is being told, pieces of a clouded past are carefully revealed. Leaving the reader to wonder. I'm keen on the characters having distinct fighting abilities but also limitations. Also the wording I have to get just right. It can be everything in making a good fight scene.

Would someone have to read your first novel to understand its sequel?

No, The opening chapter throws you right into the land if Storms as Zenrachi is, standing as its own story. I think readers of the first one will appreciate the little things.

Does this take place after the events of Storm Cry?

This takes place within the 4 years before the events of Storm Cry .

What does your ideal writing space look like?

I always play music doing anything with writing. Jazz or just flute music to go with a calm environment

What was the biggest challenge in the making of Rain Of The Fallen?

In a way, I was reliving my own times of my life as I Detailed Zenrachi’s. Dealing with the growing pains of an adult while a tragedy put the both of us in a hole we all as individuals must fight out of. I was opening up my own problems through Zenrachi’s, using as a tool to uplift this story.

What character did you like expanding upon the most?

The Lovely but Dangerous Contessa. Taking a look into her past, showing her in a different light. Her seductive antics to lure her enemies in, eyes like no other, and instinct she can use brilliantly or lose in a blind fury.

Besides being a writer, what else do you enjoy?

That & watching Anime are my main things I enjoy to do. I started a podcast on Anchor, giving my hot takes on the sports scene.

Do you have any upcoming book promotions?

Rain of the fallen releases January 26th Exclusively on amazon on kindle and paperback.

Storm cry will be free to download that day as well to get caught up on the series !

Post your social media usernames!

Twitter: @RashDope_

Rash in the morning podcast on, apple podcasts, & Spotify

Visit Amazon to pick up a copy of his book this Saturday the 26th! In the meantime, check out 'Storm Cry'

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