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In The Spotlight Today: Micaela Thomas!

Tell me about yourself! How old are you, and where are you from?

I’m 33-years-old born and partially raised in Cleveland, OH. I moved to Calumet City, IL with my mother when I was 11 and then to Columbus, OH when I was about 13-years-old. I am the mother and co-captain of a beautifully large, blended family. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet my soul mate and we’ve been together for 9 years. He supports my every dream and all my talents from writing my first book as an author, to singing to blogging and any other idea I have. So, I’m definitely enjoying the ride with him and our children right by my side.

Give us a summary of your book.

Stripped to my Truth is a collection of scenarios, memories, people, and experiences that have taken place in my 33 years of life. It is a tell-all of a confused young girl growing up as a fatherless child, attempting to navigate life and figure out who she is along the way. Of course, life isn’t without its bumps and bruises, drama, and traumas, so it really digs into the vulnerability of who I was. It teaches others, through my journey, how to get out of your own way. How to sit in your own mess and then how to take the broom we mostly use to sweep out the dirty closets of others and clean out our own.

What inspired you to write this book?

What inspired me to write this book was, the amount, of young girls and young women that I’ve encountered over the last 6 or 7 years, who have been and currently are trying to find the light in their own darkness. I’m constantly asked by friends and friends of friends, how to deal with certain situations and the only thing I can ever think of is how I went through a lot the same things. I just want to show them that they aren’t as alone as they believe they are. I can relate to them, wholeheartedly. So, one day I started writing and I kept writing until each major milestone, traumatic experience, celebration and trial, and tribulation was on paper. I feel like I owe these women (and some men) my story.

If you could pick one song to describe this book, what would it be?

If I could pick one song, it would definitely be Audra Day’s Rise Up.

Have you written any fiction novels as well? If not, would you and what genre?

I have not written any fiction novels since I was a child. I definitely would love to sit and create Children’s fiction short stories and Adult fiction novels.

What are your two favorite books? Least favorite?

My two favorite books are “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sistah Soulja and Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going to Need More Wine”. I don’t have a least favorite book. Each author I have ever read has always brought unique and new views to everything I have learned.

Do you have any other hobbies, or businesses that you would like to share?

Yes! I am also a blogger/vlogger. Currently working on a blog/vlog modeled for large, blended families. Sharing some of our most vulnerable, sensitive, heart-warming, heart-wrenching moments and challenges as a unit. I am also currently working on a documentary that will go along with my book and provide more in detail certain scenarios and experiences of my life. I sing as a hobby, dance (sometimes terribly, I might add lol). It’s important to me that I connect with others who don’t feel as though anyone can connect with them or what they’re possibly going through.

Do you have any upcoming book specials/giveaways or events?

I definitely have some AMAZING specials and giveaways currently in the works! It's surely best to stay connected with me via social media and through subscribing your email to my website for updates. I also have some more events in the near future.

How can readers keep up with you? Post your social media usernames!

Absolutely! Readers can keep up with me on my website at where you can check out my blog, upcoming giveaways, specials, new merchandise, etc. I’m also on Facebook at STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE & Instagram @strippedtomytruth and @parenthood_reign

Where can readers buy your book? Share a link or two!

Readers can Pre-Order my book on my website at Stay tuned for it’s Amazon release!

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