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In The Spotlight Today: J.M. Lively!

How old are you and where are you from?

I am 29 and was born and raised in Northern California.

Tell us more about your book!

My first book, The Last Soul, follows the story of two different characters; Lathan and Ches. Lathan is the main protagonist and Ches is the secondary one. Lathan is a young adult with a new family. He ends up helping a student that he mentors at the local university and the resulting conflict is what starts the story for him. He gets tossed into a world full of power and magic that overwhelms his understanding of how things should work. Ches already lives within this world and we get to follow him on his path of, less than good natured, antics. The reader will resonate with Lathan and be awed by Ches. By the end of the first book, the reader will be awed by Lathan as well. We get to follow the first steps of him achieving true power.

You’re sharing an elevator with a big name publisher. Pitch your book using 20 words or less! The story of Oreniah follows death. When you die, your soul lives on in perfect harmony with your body.

What does your ideal writing space look like?

It fluctuates. Sometimes, it’s a dark room with no noise but the clacking of my keyboard. Sometimes, it’s a busy restaurant. The space is less important than my ability to put down a few words whenever, and wherever I am.

If your book was turned into a movie, who would play your main characters?

I have always pictured Lathan as Taylor Lautner.

You’re stranded on an island, and only one character from any book can save you. Who are you picking?

Shameless plug incoming; I’d pick Ecila. She is another character in my book and she is WAY more than what we see in this first volume.

Besides being a writer, what else do you enjoy?

Time with my family is huge and on short supply. Hobby wise, I love board games and Magic The Gathering.

Do you have any upcoming book promotions?

Yes, sort of. I am in the process of setting them up. But they are coming!

Post your social media usernames! Jonathon Lively, The Oreniah Codex, and J.M. Lively. Those are the only ones that matter or that I am active on. My name will give you Facebook and Instagram. My series title is a Facebook page. And J.M. Lively is my pen name and will hopefully become much more common!

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