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In The Spotlight Today: Jessica LeeAnn!

Tell me about yourself, how old are you and where are you from?

Jessica: My name is Jessica LeeAnn. I’m an author and entrepreneur. I write inspirational coming of age novels for black girls and inspirational devotionals for women. I also am the CEO of Chocolate Readings Self-publish & Brand Firm. I’m 34 years old and I’m from the Richmond, Ca.

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a writer?

Jessica: I was about 17 when I wrote my first poem and song. I wrote my first short story at the age of 24.

In 100 words or less, tell us about your upcoming book!

Jessica: Melanie the Melanin Queen is about a 14-year-old teen girl who was bullied all through middle school for her dark brown skin. She doesn’t want to have another school year like her last, so she decides to define beauty on her own terms and be confident about her chocolate brown skin. She starts the Melanin Queen movement at her high school to inspire other black girls to do the same.

What inspired you to write this book?

Jessica: When I was a teenager I thought I was ugly. And when boys starting noticing me, they would say things like, “you’re cute for a dark skinned girl” and it would hurt my feelings. I want to inspire black girls to be their own cheerleader when it comes to defining beauty.

If you could give advice to a young black girl struggling with image issues and self-acceptance, what would you tell her?

Jessica: I would tell a young black girl struggling with image issues that you are magical, unique, and your melanin is poppin’! Shine boo!

What type of books do you enjoy? What are two of your favorites?

Jessica: I enjoy anything that teaches me how to be a successful entrepreneur, spiritual knowledge, and fiction novels. My favorite books are Friends and Lovers and Cheaters, both by Eric Jerome Dickey. He’s my faaavorite!

Besides reading and writing, what else do you enjoy doing during your free time? Any other Businesses?

Jessica: I’m a mom to a gorgeous 15 year daughter, whom I affectionately call Chicky D and I just love hanging out with her. She’s so cool. I do have a Self-publish & Brand firm which I spend a lot of time working on as well.

If you could pick any song to describe this book, what would it be?

Jessica: Um, hmm… Oooo! Nice for What? By Drake

Do you have any book specials/giveaways or events coming up for any of your books?

Jessica: Yes! Anyone who purchases the book before the release date July 27th gets a free copy of my first YA novel called The Gonnabe’s. Anyone who purchases the book during the first week of release will be entered into a drawing to win several gifts such as a t-shirt, gift card to Forever 21, a journal, and other good stuff.

Where can readers keep up with you on social media? Post your usernames!

Jessica: I loooove Instagram! Readers can follow my page @jessicaleeannwrites aa well as Melanie’s page @themelaninqueen

Check out Jessica’s upcoming Book Melanie the Melanin Queen that will become available 7/27/18! Pre order now!

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