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Book Review: The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

4.5 stars.

Three years ago, on the morning of his wedding, Andrew leaves his fiance Lina at the alter after his brother Max (unintentionally) convinces him not to marry her the night before. Fast forward to the present day, now Lina and Max must work together for Lina's dream job. Girl, I'd be mad too. LOL.

I loved this rom-com, and the sexual tension/chemistry between Lina and Max was really fun to read! Alternating first-person POV between two love interests is my favorite in romance. The way Max talked about Lina and described her was adorable as hell. I liked that Lina was uptight but also dramatic underneath because it made her relatable. Max was sweet, and his sense of humor made the bond between them heartwarming without him being obnoxious. The scenes with Lina's family were also entertaining & made for good filler while Lina planned her sister's wedding. I especially liked the little scene with her aunt and mom at the end.

NOW, the reason I knocked off half a star, is because of the last 25%. My only issue with this plot, is that Lina still dislikes her ex-fiance and his brother for ruining her wedding. Completely Valid. BUT she also admits that she got over Andrew with no issues, so what's the point of her animosity towards Max? I know establishing her lack of feelings for her ex is just plot convenience, so she and his brother can get together, but at the same time, it makes the enemies-to-lovers trope kinda pointless. Lina hardly loved Andrew, so why is anybody really mad? lol. The last 25% of the book felt like the author was grasping at straws. The big "reveal" regarding the text message that ended the wedding felt unnecessary and forced too.

But all in all, this book met basic rom-com standards and was good enough for me. It reminded me of the movies I enjoyed as a teen in the early 2000's. "The Wedding Planner" meets "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" with a dash of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". If you want something hot and fluffy, I recommend it. I also think you'd be better off with the actual book and not the audio.

You can find it here on Amazon, Scrib'd, or at your local online library!

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