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Book Review: Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

Rating 5/5

This is my second book by Tiffany, my first being Allegedly. Which I liked but didn't find anything special about it. So I was hesitant on giving this a try. But eventually, I gave in, and I'm glad I did.

13-year-old Monday is missing. And the only one who seems to care about finding her is her best friend Claudia. This is a tragic story of abuse, mental illness, the strength of community, and the importance of having people by your side who don't have to be blood.

I kinda figured out what happened to Monday early on. But it's more about how it was revealed and how everything played out that was so sad. If kids are throwing hints that something is wrong, LISTEN to them. The adults in this story failed those children in every which way. Although a few tried to help, everyone seemed to play a role in what happened, even if it wasn't intentional. I can't say too much about this story without giving away spoilers, so I won't. But I did enjoy this read and got through it pretty quickly. I also loved the use of color therapy when describing a character's personality.

I also loved that it took place in my home city, Washington DC. And in case you forget, don't worry. The author will remind you 800 times throughout this entire book. LOL! There was a bit too much name dropping and unnecessary descriptions of the culture/setting. Like she was trying too hard to explain DC to the reader while still getting small things wrong. I did a quick Google and found out that she's from New York, but lived in DC for college. That explains a lot. (If you know, you know lol)

Getting back to the story, another thing I didn't care for was the out of order timeline of Claudia telling the story. It makes sense towards the end, but I still found it a little confusing to follow and most readers did as well. Tiffany's writing style hasn't been my favorite, and I feel like that's partially why I found her other book, Allegedly annoying to get through. She also has a thing for twists, which is cool but in this story, I could've done without one part of the twist. The other half of it was fine. I think she could have gone about the timeline in a different way. But either way, it's still a 5-star read.

You can find this on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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