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Book Review: Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

Rating 4/5

This book tells the story of Blake Deco, an ex-military man who takes side gigs as a mercenary. After recovering the gun that killed President Lincoln, he gets a call from a friend in Mexico who has info on the whereabouts of a kidnapped actress Goldie St. Helen. Blake goes to Tijuana with his friend and partner Jack to save Goldie from the evil, sadistic drug lord Dai Lo. But her rescue is only the beginning of a series of wild events, as Dai Lo will stop at nothing to get his girl back.

One of the things I enjoyed about this book was Dai Lo. His obsession with Goldie, and going through extreme lengths to get close to her made this book a page turner. Unlike a typical murderous drug lord, he didn't just kill people to get close to Goldie. He found other ways to break her mentally and emotionally, by using those close to her. He got other people to do the killing for him, but always made sure Goldie knew it was him. He wanted to keep her living in fear. Which is what stalkers do.

I did like that Goldie and Blake developed a romantic relationship, although it seemed underdeveloped at first. Some of the scenes also jumped rather quickly, which made the story feel rushed. But all in all, if you enjoy books filled with action and suspense, I recommend!

You can buy it here on Amazon!

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