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Book Review: Broken Hearts by R.L. Stine

Rating 2/5

To be honest, this book doesn't even deserve a review. But I could use some humor in my life at the moment so why not?! 🙃

A few months after her twin sister Rachel's awful accident that left her brain-damaged, Josie is basically still a bitch. They have another sister, Erica who is miserable because she's the one stuck taking care of brain-damaged Rachel. Someone has it out for Josie and has been sending her death threats in the form of Valentine's cards. Honestly, I didn't blame them. Josie was so whiny I was actually rooting for the killer. Everyone in this book was whiny, but Erica was the only one whose complaints were valid. If I were her, Josie would've caught these hands because there was no way I'd allow my sibling to treat me like a slave.

There were quite a few suspects in this story because Josie had a lot of ex-boyfriends for no reason at all. I honestly lost track of who was who because all the boys hated her and were obsessed with her. Not to mention RL writes the same bland white teenagers in every book, so there is no real character distinction. The only good part about this book was Josie getting killed. I'm not the type to post spoilers but knowing her fate beforehand is the only motivation you'll have get through this story.

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