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Today in the Writer Spotlight: C. Melita Webb!

About C. Melita

C. Melita Webb is a lover of life, who is visually challenged. She has loved words and books all her life. As a student, she excelled in writing deeply touching and reflective prose. Publishing was a dream she gave up on 30+ years ago, though she continued to write in her heart, mind, and spirit. Later, she began speaking and writing into the hearts of her family and friends, too.

In fact, it was at the request of a loved one that the first book was published. She had no idea how powerful her words would still be, or how many had longed to find a voice like hers.

Her writings are full of passion, clarity, and purpose. They span many years and phases of life. Each book in her collection tells a story of love, life, and humanity. Included are reflective poems, loving affirmations, supportive prayers, motivational essays, and cries from the heart. She writes the words that live in all our hearts.

"I write to enlighten, encourage, and inspire the people I love. Writing is a beautiful way to share joy and foster understanding. I find that I am happiest and at my best when called upon to assist others. Often the very encouragement and advice I share is information I need to hear or a lesson that I need to remember.

The special pieces selected for this introductory volume are some of the words that live in my heart, touch my soul, and lift my spirit on a daily basis. These endearing poems will leave a lasting imprint in your heart and they will bring great comfort to you. This book is a gift that has touched hearts, healed sorrows, eased grief, and encouraged many lives. I am honored to share these words of love and faith with you. These words will touch you, comfort you, and bring a smile to your face." -C. Melita Webb

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